Uchiha Clan

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Type: Clan
Affiliation: Konoha
Leader: Unknown

Blurb about the Clan/Family goes here. Try to include current location of the clan, etc. Information such as the Hyuuga Main/Branch Houses, CBS, etc would be in this blurb.


Partial/complete history here.

Bloodlines and Jutsu

  • The Sharingan, a doujutsu that enables the user to utilize a variety of abilities from predicting an opponent's motion to copying their jutsu.

Friends and Foes


List any allies/friends of the clan here.


List any enemies of the clan here.

Distinguishing Features

Any distinguishing features go here. Clan specific hair color, specific clan eye color, methods of dress, clan symbols, etc.

Notable Members

List any notable members of the group here. This may include NPCs and PCs if they are in the group.

Other information

  • Include any specifics regarding immunities/weaknesses underneath in this area. If it's due to the bloodline, list it in the bloodline entry instead.
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