Clans are a grouping of individuals related by blood/marriage and all share the same last name. Many clans form as such due to a characteristic that they want control over, such as a bloodline or clan techniques. A clan's set-up varies depending on the clan.

Clan Name Bloodline Allegiance Status
Aburame Clan Jutsu Konoha Active
Akimichi Clan Jutsu (Akimichi Ryuu) Konoha Active
Ando Unknown None Unknown (Presumed Dead)
Hyuuga Byakugan Konoha Active
Inuzuka Clan Jutsu (Inuzuka Ryuu) Konoha Active
Kaguya Shikotsu Myaku (Corpse Bone Pathways) Kiri (Rogue) Dead
Kamizuru Clan Jutsu Iwa Active
Namikaze Unknown (Byakugan?) Konoha Active
Nara Clan Jutsu Konoha Active
Nishiyama Elemental Combination Iwa Active
Shimizu Shikotsu Myaku (Corpse Bone Pathways) Konoha Active
Shirotori Taijutsu, Tojutsu Wandering (currently Sodegaura) Active
Uchiha Sharingan Konoha Active
Yamanaka Clan Jutsu Konoha Active
Yukari Clan Jutsu Konoha Active
Yuuhi Shinku Shoku no Sakkaku (Crimson Illusion) Konoha Active
Urokono Unknown Iwa Unknown
Uzumaki Unknown Konoha Active
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