Hyuuga Clan
Type: Clan
Affiliation: Konoha
Leader: Unknown

The oldest clan that has been continuously in Konoha, the Hyuuga are known for their bloodline, the Byakugan, and their unique taijutsu style, the Gentle Fist. For much of the clan's history, there were two parts to the clan - the Main House, which led the clan, and the Branch House, which handled security and menial labor. The Branch members were also branded with a seal that destroyed the Byakugan on death and could be activated to cause pain or death to the person. During the reign of the Rokudaime Hokage, this practice was abolished and the two houses were merged. The first cousin of main house heiress, Neji, became clan leader at the retirement of his uncle. Under the previous system he would have been third in line after his two female cousins Hinata and Hanabi, who went on to become the wife of the Rokudaime, and become the Nanadaime respectively.

The Hyuuga are likely the most powerful clan in Konoha due to their size, wealth, political clout and large number of ninja in their ranks. Their former rivals, the Uchiha clan, no longer pose a threat after the clan was decimated to three members though their numbers are gradually recovering.


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Bloodlines and Jutsu

  • The Byakugan, a doujutsu which allows the user to see chakra as well as a limited range through materials.
  • This bloodline has lead to a taijutsu style, Jyuken, that focuses on shutting down the chakra pathways of opponents, thus clan members tend to display above average taijutsu skills.
  • They are also immune to most genjutsu.

Friends and Foes


Namikaze Clan - Due to the marrage of former clan heir, Hinata Hyuuga, to the founder of the Namikaze clan. Her children carry the Namikaze name.

Uzumaki Clan
Given that the Namikaze Clan Head is also head of the Uzumaki Clan, the Hyuuga enjoy close ties with the Uzumaki as well.


Uchiha Clan - They have a rocky relationship with the Uchiha clan.

They are often targeted by rival villages for their eyes, however attackers risk the full wrath of Konoha. Killing or kidnapping a Hyuuga and for their eyes is viewed as a much greater crime than simply killing them.

Distinguishing Features

Pale eyes - white or a pale violet. Dark hair, most often black or a dark purple-black.

Notable Members

Hanabi Hyuuga
Nanadaime Hokage (Current Hokage). She is the younger sister of Hinata Namikaze.

Hinata Namikaze (nee Hyuuga)
Wife of retired Rokudaime Hokage Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki, Hinata is the former heiress of the clan.

Neji Hyuuga
Clan leader (now retired), Neji is the cousin of Hinata Namikaze and Hanabi Hyuuga.

Hotaru Hyuuga

Hayate Hyuuga

Hoshi Hyuuga
Older sister of Hotaru

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