Ushio Kotone
Name: Ushio Kotone
Player: serbii
Personal Data
Rank: Genin
Affiliation: Konoha
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Affinity: Doton
Specialization: Mostly general. Some Genjutsu, Fuinjutsu. Strong Earth affinity.
Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu
Fuinjutsu Juinjutsu Sougujutsu
Flexibility Physical Power
7 4
Intelligence Stamina
7 7
Chakra Capacity Chakra Control
2 3


Genki girl. Thinks she's cool and grown up in the way all 13 year olds seem to. She's about average height and build, pretty or cute rather than beautiful. She's the girl-next-door type. Very social, chatty and tends to make friends easily. She's a good kid for the most part. Speaks very casually except when she meets someone above her, then she speaks properly until she gets a feel for them and promptly switches back. Bit of a tomboy, which is the norm for a Kunoichi one would think. She's one of those people who always walks along the top of the wall or fence beside the road rather than walking on the path, she liked heights and tends to wait for people (read: her sensei) in a tree rather than leaning against it. She also has a habit of wandering and exploring the town which will probably get her in trouble when she's older and puppy-dog eyes no jutsu stops working (she's hoping for big boobs to compensate). She's had a few cat mannerisms from the start, mostly curiosity and a tendency to climb things which is partially why I suggested the cat contract. She should probably take things more seriously than she does sometimes but that'll come as she grows up… maybe.


Dark brown shoulder length hair. Hazel eyes. Tends to dress boyishly, shirt and black pants. Same height as Kontan, much to his dismay. Has a large collection of hair clips


Mostly academy. Good with tags and flash-bangs. Quite a strong Earth affinity, elemental manipulation is above average for her age.


Born 16th September 53AK/37AR.
Graduated academy age 11
Family has a few ninja but not enough to be considered a full clan. Lives with her mother. Her father is a jounin from wave she met on a diplomatic mission (one thing lead to another), mother forced him to marry her for 3 weeks to Ushio would be legitimate. She's visited him a few times and every time he makes a horrible "Tide coming in" joke, Ushio suspects she was named purely for this purpose. Her aunt, uncle and 2 cousins live 3 doors up so they take care of her when her mother is away. She and her cousins are as close as siblings.


Mother Has friends/contacts in most friendly/neutral countries who tends to go on a lot of diplomatic missions as a guard or negotiator as she normally can resist the urge to explode everyone. Bit of a gossip and has a fairly extensive info network in Konoha.


None serious


Hobbies: Reading (mostly the usual popular novels, has a soft spot for trashy paperback mystery and romance novels too), proud member of the Konoha gossip and speculation network, exploring Konoha
Favored Places: The beach, anywhere high
Likes: Cats, sweet breads
Dislikes: Snow, idiots, being bored
Bingo Book Rating: Not in

Other trivia

  • Genin Team (Team 4): Shikari Nara (ex-Jounin-sensei), Hotaru Hyuuga (former team member), Kontan Nara (former team member), Ichigo Matsuda, Kenta Kurokawa
  • Ushio = The Tide, Kotone = Harp+sound
  • Purposely a non-clan ninja because it's more unusual than being a clan ninja.
  • Got into the elite ninja program with the Jounin-Parent scholarship and was good enough to keep it.
  • Has a crush on Shiki Ando as a result of the Below Konoha mission.


Any quotes.

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