Tsukiko Namikaze
Name: Tsukiko Namikaze
Player: spudman
Personal Data
Codename: Badger
Rank: Jounin
Affiliation: Konoha
Current Job: ANBU MSC
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Affinity: Fuuton, Raiton
Clan: Namikaze
Bloodline: Byakugan
Specialization: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Forensics, Medical
Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu
Fuinjutsu Juinjutsu Sougujutsu
Flexibility Physical Power
10 5
Intelligence Stamina
10 6
Chakra Capacity Chakra Control
7 9


Tsukiko is driven to conduct her work in a professional manner, but has inherited her sense of compassion and desire to help others from both her parents. She is awkward in casual social situations and has a hard time discussing her own emotions.


ANBU Mask: Badger (flat mask)

5’5’’. Comely. The dark and blonde hair of her parents mixed in an unusual way in Tsukiko. She wound up with long silver colored hair and pale and shiny silver eyes, hence the name ‘Moon Child’. Wears black, ladies cut trench coat, lavendar shirt, and black pants.


Summons - Toads

Very proficient in Jyuken and lightning techniques, as well as variations thereof.

Byakugan techniques, including being able to read her enemies (or who she’s interrogating). She has trained to be able to read an entire scene with little more with a glance, and with her byakugan, she can see the entire scene and then some.


Growing up in the Namikaze-Uzumaki family was a large part in shaping the person Tsukiko would become. She had a very large family to support her and guide her as she grew up. She did not want for attention or love, and followed the example of her parents in their drive and sense of justice and forgiveness. Tsukiko put a great deal of effort into her training. With hard work and the blessings of her lineage she did well in the Acadamy, performance-wise. Socially, however, she was awkward and reserved. Her peers often mistook this for Tsukiko being stuck up, leading to the nickname 'Princess'. As a result, Tsukiko did not have many close friends.

That is, until Tsukiko met the Ishikawa sisters, Kyoko and Kagami. Both were two years younger than her but were advanced to Tsukiko's class due to their natural talent. Some of Tsukiko's classmates resented who they considered a couple 'upstart brats' and bullied the younger girls. Tsukiko's sense of what is right told her to intervene and she did, defending the twin sisters and their right to be there. Kyoko and Kagami were impressed at her actions and the three have been best friends since then. The sisters do have a tendency to pull her into any number of their antics and schemes, but Tsukiko would not trade her friendship with them for anything. It helps that she usually enjoys her adventures with them, no matter how she might protest at the time.

Tsukiko graduated from the ninja acadamy and was then placed on a genin squad under jounin Nishiyori Fukakouryoku. Her relationship with her teammates Morino Kashou and Sugiura Ayumu was close and she considered both of them as extra brothers. Tsukiko admired her sensei and appreciated the demands he made of them. Tsukiko had no desire to be coddled or treated as a 'Princess', wanting to earn her sensei's respect and trust as a comrade. Her feelings of admiration soon developed into a crush. Unfortunately, Tsukiko's own desire to be Nishiyori's equal held her back from confessing her feelings, fearing that if he found out about her 'school girl crush' he would distance himself or have less respect for her. Still, Tsukiko's feelings for Nishiyori continued to grow over the years from a crush into love. Tsukiko was urged by her friends to confess her feelings but was still wary of endangering her friendship with Nishiyori.

Recently, however, succeeding in a dangerous pursuit mission inspired Tsukiko to confess her feelings. She told Nishiyori how she felt and her confidence that that their relationship would become stronger. Nishiyori accepted her feelings, admitting that Tsukiko was the person he felt closest to, and agreed to develop their relationship.


External Contacts
Friends and associates in shinobi and civilian law enforcement groups in and out of Fire country.

Namikaze Clan
Daughter of Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki and Hinata Namikaze.

Uzumaki Clan

Hyuuga Clan

Former Genin Team
Team 9: Kashou Morino, Ayumu Sugiura, Fukakouryoku Nishiyori (jounin-sensei)




Hobbies: crosswords and puzzles, cooking (and random experiments with it)
Favored Places: the gardens on her family’s estate, candy/pastry shops, parks or training grounds with a wide variety of plants.
Likes: Nishiyori Fukakouryoku, professionalism, hard work, solving a puzzle, sweet foods.
Dislikes: getting things without earning them, people being hurt, bubblegum (don’t ask)
Bingo Book Rating: A+


“The answer is there, you just need to look.”

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