Name: Taru
Player: gamebrain89
Personal Data
Codename: Mujina
Rank: Chunin
Affiliation: Konoha
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Affinity: Fuuton, Suiton
Specialization: Scouting, Infiltration, Archery
Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu
Fuinjutsu Juinjutsu Sougujutsu
Flexibility Physical Power
5 6
Intelligence Stamina
7 7
Chakra Capacity Chakra Control
7 4


Personality here.


In his normal appearance, 5' 10", pale lavender irises, and short, light blonde hair. Taru is usually wearing a standard Konoha shinobi uniform. He also wears a pair of fingerless gloves, the right of which is lengthened and has a modified leaf hitai-ite attached to the inside of his arm to act as an bowstring guard. The left has a storage seal imprinted on the back of the hand to hold his bow. A modified quiver/tanto sheath with the kanji for “Oni” printed on it is slung across his back, allowing easy access to his arrows and tanto with his dominant hand.


Kage Kagami Shinten no Ho (Shadow Mirror Body Transfer Art) - Unlike a regular transformation, this technique is permanent, with no way to force the user to return to their original form, although Taru can use the technique once more to change his appearance back. His voice however does not change with his appearance, and unlike the standard transformation it takes several seconds for the change to complete, and the process is very conspicuous.
Bell Beam Arrow- Due to his larger than usual chakra capacity, and by watching his cousin train with the Mystic Safety Bell, Taru was able to construct a technique based off of the Flashing Bell Beam. Rather than using a standard arrow, Taru can replace it with a single bolt of rose colored energy constructed with his chakra. This bolt can pierce nearly anything, but is tiring to the user and leaves a conspicuous light trail that gives away the sniper’s position.

As a male decendant of one of the Land of demon’s priestesses, Taru possesses a degraded form of their precognitive abilities. When under large amounts of stress, his eyes take on a geometric pattern that shifts similarly to a kaleidoscope, and allow him to see a incredibly short amount of time into the future (~1-3 seconds). This allows him to predict enemy movements and react similarly to a sharingan user. This ability is involuntary, and Taru is unsure if he will ever gain full control over it.

As a scout/infiltrator, Taru specializes in hit and run and stealth tactics. Taru specializes in Archery to compliment his infiltration focus, making him a potent assassin or long range fighter. He is trained to use his chakra to both increase the range or rate of fire of his bow (such as increasing his strength to allow him to use a bow with an incredibly heavy draw), and improving his accuracy through techniques such as jutsu that grant him binocular vision for distance, or his own breath control exercises. Taru prefers to fight at long range, but carries a tanto in case he is forced to engage with an enemy at close range. When on mission, he carries his personal bow, a recurve type that he enhanced with his knowledge of fuinjutsu, allowing it to withstand a much higher level of stress than a standard bow, as well as enhancing resistance to temperature, humidity and fire.


Taru’s father was the fraternal twin of the “heir” that the priestess Shion enlisted Naruto to help create during his mission to protect her. His mother was a woman attached to the temple guard who died in childbirth. He lived and trained in the temple, mainly on seal techniques, along with his cousin Scuito, the current priestess, until the age of 8 when he was sent to Konoha to train as a shinobi as a result of his father's death protecting the priestess. His allegiance to Konoha as a condition of his training was deemed acceptable, with the understanding that should his family call for his assistance, he would return with all haste. Taru originally was understandably upset with his family in Demon Country treating him like he was an employee rather than blood, but his grandfather's influence, along with his half cousin Uzumaki Hideaki, and his future teammates Toshizo and Hanasuke, quickly put a stop to that, and caused him to begin to really think of Konoha as "home".

Taru’s time in the academy was mostly uneventful, though he did inherit a small amount of his grandfather’s mischievousness, and was not above assisting in a prank or two. Early during his time as a genin alongside Yamanaka Toshizo, and Akamichi Hanasuke, he took up Archery as a way to honor the man he was named for, and grew into an expert archer. Shortly after his chuunin exam, he began training with a tanto to allow him to fight at close range if needed, though he much prefers to remain at range or not engage in direct combat at all.


Grandson of Rokudaime Hokage Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki and priestess Shion.

External Contacts
Family in Demon Country, contacts in several temples, including the Fire Temple.

Former Genin Team
Toshizo Yamanaka, Hanasuke Akimichi, Jounin-sensei Moegi.

Current Team
Fellow Chunin Miyu Yasuragi and Toshizo Yamanaka.


None yet


Hobbies: Target practice, meditation, reading, and exploring. Pocky.
Favored Places: Anywhere quiet, especially the forested areas in and around Konoha
Dislikes: Drawing attention to himself, overly loud individuals.
Bingo Book Rating: None



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