Shiki Ando
Name: Shiki Ando
Player: MEKristian
Personal Data
Affiliation: Konoha
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Affinity: Fuuton
Specialization: Infiltration, Theft, Stealth
Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu
Fuinjutsu Juinjutsu Sougujutsu
Flexibility Physical Power
10 6
Intelligence Stamina
6 7
Chakra Capacity Chakra Control
10 6


Personality here.


Spiky dark-blue hair; has one blue eye, and one green eye, but it's unknown if they're contacts or not. Typically wears a beige cloak and red scarf over a simple shirt and pants combo. Also wears bandages around his hands and forearms.


Signature Technique: Gate of Babylon- An “infinate storage space” techique, it can hold any inanimate item inside of itself. Stores a seemingly endless amount of swords for combat. It's where those wonderful toys come from.

Second Signature Techique: Mystic Eyes- The ability to precieve the “death” of inanimate objects. Shiki needs to focus to use this, so he can only use it outside of battle.

Third Signature Technique: Invisible Air- A barrier of wind that can be applied to an object. The weapon becomes invisible, but can't use any abilities while "cloaked".

???- Something Shiki appears to be working on. What could it be?


Unknown. Shiki refuses to elaborate on his history, but it's said some Konoha ANBU may know more.


Has multiple contacts across the elemental countries for information and general access to areas.


Has a stand-off-ish relationship with the Hyuuga clan, for an inncident where he allegedly stole and sold off the majority of the Clan's wardrobe. He vehemently denies the theft.

He also has general problems with the Nanadime Hokage, having gotten into a building-leveling fight with her the last time they were in a room together.

He seems to have somewhat of a problem with Jashinites, but nobody knows the details.

Shiki also has a disrespect towards Fukakouryoku Nishiyori. The exact reasons are unknown, but apparently stem from before their first mission together.


Hobbies: Fixing things, tomb raiding
Favored Places: The ruins of the original Konoha
Likes: Swords, Ruins, Exploring, acting as an "Older Brother"
Dislikes: Traitors, Liars, Dishonorable thieves, people knowing his history without him telling them
Bingo Book Rating: A

  • No preferred teammates. Seems to have taken an interest in Team 4.
  • He cannot remember names, so tries to come up with nicknames for everybody. For some reason Ushio Kotone appears to be the only exception.


Any quotes.

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