Rika Kajou
Name: Rika Kajou
Player: Random_Fan
Personal Data
Rank: Jounin
Affiliation: Konoha
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Affinity: Katon, Fuuton
Specialization: None
Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu
Fuinjutsu Juinjutsu Sougujutsu
Flexibility Physical Power
6 8
Intelligence Stamina
9 7
Chakra Capacity Chakra Control
8 8



Rika's clothes are rarely similar from one day to the next, and generally are based on what he's doing for the day. He has blonde hair and generally stands out from the crowd by being 6'' 2'. Looking at him normally it would be difficult to tell he's a ninja, except when decides to wear his old chunin vest, which is generally on days he stays in Konoha.


Nothing outside of a regular jounin.


Rika decide he wanted to be a ninja after hearing about the village defending heroes when he was four, being young he was very stubborn and so he was enrolled at the academy. After a couple of years it became obvious to his teacher's the kid had potential, he had already found a way to use the range that his height gave him to excel at sparring sessions and his ability to adjust seemingly on the fly had been unjheard of in the last couple of classes. Unfortunately he wasn't the greatest at paying attention, his chakra control and his therapy marks suffered because of this. His classmates believe this is the only reason he didn't graduate early. While he graduated when he was ten that was only because his birthday was the day after graduation, he'll only tell people this if asked though. His Jounin sensei is not known by a lot of people, he died in battle shortly after Rika and his other teamates became chunin, the fact that he was a quiet man without a family and spent a lot of time in ANBU means most ninja don't know him. Rika was great friends with his teamates, they were rarely seperated on missions as well. It was one of those few missions that his teamates never came back from, though as neither did anyone else and no bodies were ever found no one knows what happened.

After that mission Rika began changing into the person he would be known as, a genius slacker. That's just on the surface underneath he's really trying to find things to keep his mind off his sensei and teamates, which has resulted in him undertaking a training regime by none other than Rock Lee, and learning many high ranked ninjutsu. It is also this reason that he's so reliable in a battle with any teamates, he's already created plans for almost any situation.

Rika's tendency to be alone and general distance from everyone has started to lesson after Hanabi gave him a team of genin. This genin team has started reminding him of what he was like, with a lot of energy and determination. As such he's taken it upon himself to make sure what happened to his team doesn't happen to his old team, this has naturally been complicated somewhat with Kenta being moved to a different team. He knows that soon he'll have to tell the genin why he's always been so disant but that just makes him spend the day reminiscing so it could be a while.


None besides his genin team.




Hobbies: Reading, cloud watching, shopping, more the talking to shopkeepers than actually buying anything though.
Favored Places: Anywhere it's likely he won't be bothered unless needed.
Dislikes: People underestimating him, people who can't relax, though he's fine with the no-nonsense type if they do it while on a job.
Bingo Book Rating: B, with the message 'never underestimate him' under his picture.


"Never underestimate your opponent." (Said only to any enemies who don't take him seriously, which are most of them.)

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