Kotetsu Kamizuki
Name: Kotetsu Kamizuki
Player: Ristridin
Personal Data
Rank: Genin
Affiliation: Konoha
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Affinity: Raiton (untrained)
Specialization: Sealing, Demolitions
Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu
Fuinjutsu Juinjutsu Sougujutsu
Flexibility Physical Power
6 3
Intelligence Stamina
7 5
Chakra Capacity Chakra Control
4 6


Kotetsu dreams to become a seal master, and to find new team mates who can help to re-enact some of the fancier strategies his grandfather used. Moreover, he plans to catch up to his previous team. For missions, he mostly joins up with some other team that is missing a member.

Kotetsu's strategy is to avoid direct combat (using an evasive taijutsu style, genjutsu and/or flashbang tags if the opponent gets too close) and to use tags whenever possible.


Height: 5'5"


Known jutsu - Basic Three, Raiton: Dokusho Tou, Raiton: Denki Sai Juuden. Tree Climbing, Water Walking.
Tags - 20 homing tags (10 sealed), 15 D-rank explosive tags (10 sealed), 10 alarm clock tags (sealed); 5 D-rank flashbang tags, 3 D-rank breach tags (sealed), 1 C-rank detonator tag, 5 D-rank remote detonation tags, 3 timer tags, 2 E-rank endochakra tags, 1 C-rank endochakra tag, 1 C-rank arc tag.

Keeps a supply of blank tag paper and sealing ink with him in storage seals.


A grandchild of Izumo Kamizuki, and named after Kotetsu Hagane. Grew up hearing stories about the exploits of this ninja duo. Unable to use many techniques his grandfather used (like the Suiton: Mizuame Nabara) due to having the wrong affinity, he decided to look into the sealing techniques the two used to conceal their fancy weapons. This was when he discovered tags. Since you can use tags from a distance, you might not get caught using them for all sorts of mischief. Moreover, they have use in the field, and you can use many of them since they don't require too much chakra to activate.

Kotetsu graduated at the age of twelve and was placed on a team with Naru Mitokado and Keiichi Shirakumo. His jounin was Nemuri Nara, who (unsurprisingly) liked to relax and take things slow and who often complained that they were much to energetic for a team named Nemuri. Kotetsu didn't disagree with taking things slow, as it meant plenty of free time to experiment with tags. Moreover, a sleeping captain makes for great tag testing. Naru on the other hand was almost as energetic as the great hero Naruto she was named after, and generally forced the rest to at least do some training. Being generally cheerful, she used to help Kotetsu to (try to) attach overcharged alarm clock tags to their team captain, though they still don't know why that usually failed. In return, Naru made him practice evasion; mostly by making him dodge the latest ninjutsu she was attempting to master. Finally, Keiichi was most interested in kenjutsu, a trait inherited from his great grandfather Hayama Shirakumo. A good planner, he was usually the one to think of the strategy to use, allowing Nemuri to leave even more of the work to his team.

After two years, the team finally managed to convince Nemuri to let them take the chunin exam. Keiichi easily passed, and Naru managed to succeed because of her impressive display of ninjutsu. Kotetsu on the other hand, faced with a fast opponent who barely gave him any chance to use his tags, didn't make it.

With two team members being a chunin, many things changed. Though still taking missions together occasionally, the team broke up due to the different responsibilities they had. Not wanting to stay behind, Kotetsu trained more extensively to master his fuinjutsu. He practised his genjutsu so that faced with another fast opponent, he might at least be able to buy a few more seconds.


Former Genin Team
Chunin Naru Mitokado and Chunin Keiichi Shirakumo, Jounin-sensei Nemuri Nara.



Hobbies: Making tags, training, drawing, misremembering which tag to use/'failing' to make tags work exactly as they should.
Favored Places: Any place without distractions
Dislikes: Being distracted when making tags, getting caught using the wrong tags. Sushi.
Bingo Book Rating: None


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