Kojira Kuroda
Name: Kuroda Kojira
Player: Antinaba
Personal Data
Codename: Core
Rank: (elite) Jounin
Affiliation: Morigakure
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Affinity: Suiton, Yang
Clan: Kuroda
Bloodline: "Clan" Techniques
Specialization: Genjutsu
Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu
Fuinjutsu Juinjutsu Sougujutsu
Flexibility Physical Power
8 4 (9 if augmented)
Intelligence Stamina
8 3 (9 if augmented)
Chakra Capacity Chakra Control
1 1


Kojira is the kind of person who doesn't know how to have fun with other people, at least in a mutually-beneficial manner. One may note that with his grumpy attitude, rumbling speech, short tempered disposition and Black Jounin vest puts many in mind of a large, disinclinated badger. And for the most part, they're right; Kojira can really only have fun when it comes down to more material items: Food, Drink, indulgences, song, good companionships and… well… good companionship.

This does not mean he has no appreciation for the finer things in life, such as art and philosophy, but more rather he has little idea of how to appreciate them with other people. Thus, while he may stare and analyse a painting for perhaps an hour, he would be uncomfortable with watching a dance. This is in part due to the fact that his old life held very little time to be alone, and with the hostile, paranoid atmosphere that was prevalent tended not to go well for his people skills in higher society.

In battle, Kojira is something out of a Lovecraftian horror, either screaming and roaring for bloodshed, or so calm, quiet and stony-faced that the even the gliding of blade over throat cannot disturb the silence. His temper is fashioned into something that can only see a threat, and the ways to extinguish it. The finer points of taking prisoners tends to elude him, unless he is specifically looking for information. His desire for blood and the acquistion of power is something that tends to worry many back home, but his few friends are reassured that he considers power as something to have, rather than something to use.

With regards to his old life and the ties he feels to his culture, he is conflicted. The taking of souls is one thing to him that he feels no remorse for, since whilst in his augments they cannot suffer, and indeed may well be happier in that peaceful ink than in the prisons of flesh they once inhabited. However: Cannabilism and outright ignoring his lessers comes as a difficulty to him, as he refuses to demean, demonize or denounce others, having had half his life been affected by the same.

He holds his old home in extremely high regard. For its many, many faults, he feels it is unbelievably strong and filled with an ordered, cultured beauty.


Kojira has the face of what may be considered a handsome young samurai if you put it in a good light. However, frown lines, a few 'wrinkles-eau-Itachi' and sharp, angry brown eyes detract from the commonly accepted standard of good looks in a man's face. His hair is a long, blackish ponytail with a few strands framing the front of his face. His build is fairly sturdy, with square shoulders and powerful thighs, although his neck is slightly too long to make him proportioned. He dresses in normal nin-gear, although he coloured his Jounin vest black in order to mark him amongst the group (And, secretly, to better allow him to hide wanderers on his chest), with a ring-leather underside that counts for his sleeves. The real point of identification, though, are the almost aztec-themed line tattoos on his skin, fading at his neck. These are the first layer of his augments, the spirit-trapping seals that bestows so much of his power. He has a necklace in a circular pattern of ginko leaves, but nobody has ever gotten an answer as to what it is.

In battle, or simply when stressed, these augments shine silver or black, depending on whether he is releasing wanderers or empowering his own jutsu.


Kojira's ability lies in the fact that he uses an unorthodox method of killing his enemies and targets. Rather than break the body (Which can be hardened) or destroy the mind (Which can backfire), Kojira specifically targets the two things even a ninja has control of defending: The spirit and the soul. His use of intimidation tactics, terror tactics and torture have given him a reputation as a man who has lost all contact with his humanity, 'He-who-Konoha-leashed'. Using sound jutsu, genjutsu and hallucenogenic poison, Kojira can have a target or opponent begging for death by the time he comes to collect.

His Taijutsu is fair, as is his Ninjutsu. His Genjutsu is nearly flawless, save that most of the fantasies he creates are technically Mugen-grade and tend to be less believable. His sealing abilities are incredible in their diversity and compactness. His true power, however, lies within his ability to discern and identify cursed seals and their like.

He has a summoning contract, gifted to him by his family as an acknowledgment of his blood. He can call forth a swarm of moths, capable of a poisonous dust shed from the scales of their wings, flamable versions of the same, or simply a massive throng to blind and constrict his enemies. For larger-scale and flight-oriented purposes, he can call upon the Queen of moths, Gamikoto, to his aid. This magnificent, beautiful creature is roughly four metres high and twenty metres from wingtip to wingtip. The cost for the summoning is blood, and negotiations are paid in rags saturated in nectar.

His greatest abilities, however, stem from the ever-present augments grafted into his skin. Uing them, he is capable of trapping spirits that have parted from their bodies and yet still have to reach the afterlife: The Wanderers. These afterimages of a previous life gift him with automatic shaping of his chakra, as well as a neutral source of energy. On their own, Kojira can command them to take forms better suited for combat (His favorite being a half-lupine half-simian cross, with a massive build and huge claws) or to hide in the smallest cracks and report to him on goings-on. When powering his augments, these spirits allow him to perform constant feats of prodigious strength and speed, coupled with the power to grow his own body into a massive beast of dark shadow.

These wanderers are held in large circular seals all over his body, numbering six. The release of each seal can be noted with ease, as a ghost image of the seal (It will spin faster as an indication of how much power is being drained until it reaches capacity, whereupon it recedes back into the body) will appear behind Kojira, hanging in the air. The sign of this activation is a grave matter, equivalent to the opening of a chakra gate, and signifies that a great deal of damage has been anticipated or ordered. The human body, however, tends to react strangely to such infusions of spiritual energy, and may begin to change in shape, size and form in response. Each seal can hold roughly 500 souls, while the body itself may hold up to 200.

A full seal cascade will allow the souls within to emerge as a large humanoid entity, coloured depending on the user. This creature will act as a locomotive for the user, generally suited for large scale destruction. In order to keep the chakra moving and prevent cancer or burning, wandering spirits from the outside world are attracted and processed through two seals on the shoulder, their passage through the body circulating the artifical chakra. These spirits, if another seal is placed, will gain the user's psyche and project a physical form through manipulation of particles in the air, creating a stronger, more resilient kage bunshin that does not explode at first blood, and does not directly drain the user.

The bunshin have weaknesses. Raiton techniques will free the spirits from the seals, destroying the bunshin. In addition, pure chakra (Not elemental, which is absorbable) can destroy the programming and dissemble the clones. The difficulty lies in the fact that clones can be released in numbers of up to two hundred, if desired. Jyuken or similar fighting styles will disrupt the chakra engraving, and possibly permanently damage it.

Kojira holds Six God-seals.

His signature technique is Magirawashiikibou, a technique that combines several low and high class Genjutsu, mixing them up with Bunshin, henge'd bunshin and his Momentum-carrying Bunshin to deter the opponent from discovering which parts of the battlefield are illusionary, and which parts really are sharp pointy skewers made out of dust that rise like shadows from the ground. That's just to get started, the rest of his jutsu involve him using this technique in order to corral and eventually wipe out his opponent with one clean strike.

Kojira's repetoire of jutsu involves mostly Genjutsu, Shape manipulation jutsu and powers that invoke his augments. He has a full mastery of Suiton jutsu, gained whilst working for the Mizukage on an exchange. He also, technically, has mastered Doton jutsu, although he has an express lack of the number of jutsu he actually knows for it.


History here.


He has contacts with the current Mizukage, two Daimyo in wind country and ties to many high-ranking Konoha Ninja. It is debateable whether he can consider the people of his homeland allies.


He has accumluated several bounties in Stone and Lightning. The reasons differ, but for the most part agree that the degree of brutality of his actions within deserves punishment.


Hobbies: Gardening, particularly indoor trees and sweet-smelling flowers. He has a history of enjoying raw dango, combined with a recipe for Kiwifruit-water that he picked up on his travels. He also enjoys watching the moon, picking out craters.
Favored Places: Rooftops, anywhere with marble, calm forests. He harbours a soft spot for a Tree in Konoha, where he can be found sleeping on most afternoons.
Likes: Peace, quiet, good cooking, drink and other material indulgences.
Dislikes: Cold mornings, disrespect for the dead, flavourless foods, too much cosmetic makeup, too much gaudy clothing, rips and tears, opened seams and the tickling sensation of grass.
Bingo Book Rating: A for ability. S for the value on his body.

  • Both of the teammates he was assigned with have perished in unrelated duties. He feels no remorse for them.


  • "There are those who may argue that it is better to let others live. And when I exterminated the pre-teen Genin last year as he came for my neck with a Kunai, I realised that other person was me. End of argument."
  • (Itsuki) "Some of us just have delusions of being generals."
    (Kuroda) "Oh, I did better than a General. I was a servant."
  • (When discussing scare tactics for a mission) "Just release enough Wanderers to pull a Genjutsu of a huge effigy of some kind of monster on the roof, throw a few people off the building, chuck their limbs after them…"
  • "Not even death will ease your suffering."

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