Kitsune Miyako
Name: Miyako Kitsune
Player: Kitsune_Akatsuki
Personal Data
Codename: Yukiko
Rank: Chunin
Affiliation: Konoha
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Affinity: Lightning, Wind
Clan: Unknown
Bloodline: Possible Emergent
Specialization: Stealth and Infiltration
Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu
C+ A+ C
Fuinjutsu Juinjutsu Sougujutsu
D- E B
Flexibility Physical Power
5 6
Intelligence Stamina
7.5 10
Chakra Capacity Chakra Control
7 10


Usually Kitsune will follow the orders of her commander but will argue if she believes she is being placed in a position someone elese would be better suited for. She gets along best with the youngest of her older brothers who works as a medic, although she was closest to the eldest before his betrayal. Does not have any visions of bringing him back or killing him, although he killed around a dozen or more Kohona shinobi while fleeing. Ignores topic unless directly brought up, and even then provides information in monotone.

Loyal to any who gives her acceptance due to her 'unusual' childhood, which involved being kidnaped by one of her Kumo relatives at the age of five and being trained by him for two years, then being kidnaped from the Kumo relative by a distant cousin from Kiri and being trained by her for 2.5 years before being Once again kidnaped by her Suna relative and spending half a year with them before being returned to Konoha. It is uncertain if these conditions caused her fondness for stealth or if it is the cause of the trench coat.

Loves watching a good fight, especially if it has explosions. She has developed paranoia, a slight dislike of cards due to bad luck. Requires very little sleep, but also has developed a fondness of the moon and stars from spending hours staring at them.


Height: 5'2''

Shoulder blade/ lower back length white hair(depends when last cut of course), eyes change color depending on mood as well as other factors Hiate-ai-black cloth around neck, black pants that cover most of the straps on the standard issue sandals, black long sleeved shirt, about two sizes too large, trench coat with many many many pocket on the inside, said pockets crammed with 'random' items, multiple weapon holsters holding on said too large trench coat.


Possible bloodline allowing Kitsune to create personalities for missions then delete the personalities while retaining the information.

Summons - Foxes.


History here.


Distant relations in Suna, Kiri, and Kumo.

Someone she refers to as "The jerk who dragged me across the continent five or six times and nearly trained me to death".

Unknown female she simply refers to as "Sadist-sensei".


Uchiha Clan
Uchiha with a few exceptions.

Hyuuga Clan
Some of the Main branch Hyuuga.


Hobbies: Coming up with Genjutsu, studying genjutsu, annoying older brother that’s in the ANBU for training, watching Medic nin brother at his job, listening to music, writing non-traditional poetry, watching bar fights, trying to create new jutsu or perfecting old ones, Pranking anyone she can, Studying the 'Lost tech' era (read: Listening to the music, reading books trying to figure out of the stuff works. Hey, some of it had to survive. Heck, Trains survived,)
Favored Places: Ichiraku, any garden, any ruin , library, watching people blow stuff up
Dislikes: Uchiha with a few exceptions, arranged marriages, traitors, movies with a few exceptions, over confident people
Bingo Book Rating: D-C depending on the village. For the simple reason she's never been caught. Or at least not outside the village

  • Family
    • Three older half-brothers
      • One Medic, one ANBU, one missing nin
    • Mother deceased
  • Nickname: "Little Fox", Sayuri (to her chagrin)


"If someone said I have multiple personalities, and you take in consideration my job, should I be offended?"
To anyone that says curiosity killed the cat- "Yeah but satisfaction brought it back!"
"No pun intended!"

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