Name: Kiren
Player: Thozmp
Personal Data
Affiliation: None
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Affinity: Fire
Specialization: Sealing, Chakra Manipulation, Running Away
Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu
Fuinjutsu Juinjutsu Sougujutsu
Flexibility Physical Power
5 3
Intelligence Stamina
8 10
Chakra Capacity Chakra Control
8 10


Personality here.


A bit short at 5'6" he has Bright shoulder length red hair which is constantly in an unkempt mess, and bright yellow eyes. Wears a dark blue flack jacket and cargo pants with an obscene amount of pockets everywhere; also wears a pair of welder's goggles above his brow.


Blink Step - A short range(5-10m) teleportation jutsu he can use seallessly at a moments notice.

Burning Scratch - A technique baced on fire elemental chakra manipulation; following an arc drawn by his hand, a blade of fire chakra slices through anything within 1/3 meter from his hand; the result is a slight trail of fire following his hand making it seem as if he is "scratching" the air and anything it hits with fire.

Psychic Lance - Similar to the Hyuuga Jyuken, as well as Tsunade's super strength technique, this technique uses a burst of chakra eminating from the hands, the difference is that this technique uses the thrusting motion from the arms to make the chakra violently erupt, effectivly blowing a hole in anything within 1/2 meter in front of his hand.

Force Bullet - Basically a ball of chakra launched from the hand in the general direction of the enemy, consumes surprisingly little chakra to use, but the technique itself is wildly inaccurate and does little damage is only a single shot is used. Typically spammed like crazy if used. Limited range: Up to 5m for any kind of accuracy.

Mostly uses seals if ever in a fight: a variety of exploding and shock tags, as well as his own creations of Drench(Water) and Concussive(Wind) tags. Hasn't worked out what an earth tag will do. In addition to seal tags he also uses scrolls forlarge area effect purposes, the only differance being his wind scroll cuts up everything within 10 meters of it, as well as an earth scroll which slowly(takes up to 10 minutes for a person) petrifies whatever it hits.


History here.


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Inuzuka Clan


Hobbies: T/CCGs, learning ancient/dead languages, exploring ruins, writing (He's working on getting published.)
Favored Places: None really, he prefers travelling to staying in any one place for long.
Dislikes: crabs, he doesn't know why…
Bingo Book Rating: B for his knowledge, often considered an E-ranked non-threat


"I challenge you to a children's card game! No? well in that case—*Poof*"

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