Kazuki Hibikietsu
Name: Kazuki Hibikietsu
Player: Greybane
Personal Data
Rank: Genin
Affiliation: Konoha
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Affinity: Katon, Medical
Specialization: Sealing, Medical
Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu
Fuinjutsu Juinjutsu Sougujutsu
Flexibility Physical Power
3 4
Intelligence Stamina
8 4
Chakra Capacity Chakra Control
6 8


Personality here.


Only slightly taller than average for his age (is 161cm). Has light brown hair very much in the style of Light Yagami, but under less control. Has green eyes the same shade as Sakura, but no known relation. Wears a dark green shirt, with a black jacket with several pockets all over. His dark tan/beige pants are full of pockets as well. Some of his pockets (all over) are hidden. Has an astonishing amount of scrolls on him and at least one in had at almost any time, whether he is writing or reading. Two larger scrolls are carried on his back, held in place with a strap (similar to those worn by Boy Scouts Order of the Arrow sash thingie). (Kankurou-in-Shippuden-esque, but proportionally slightly smaller).


Under pressure spams explosive tags, in regular combat uses a "flamethrower" scroll. Has several ideas (and a couple of hidden prototype sketches) for custom seal work, but needs higher level access and/or an instructor.

His genjutsu is mainly very subtle misdirection, or low level invisibility on small objects.

Suiton: Gyoushuku no Jutsu (Condensation Technique)
Katon: Goukakyuu-no-jutsu (Great Fireball Technique)
Doton: Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu (Double Suicide Decapitation Technique)

While there are only a few med-jutsu he has regularly practiced with (Temporary healing of flesh/muscle, healing of bones (needs multiple applications), several diagnostic jutsu, and a few others, he knows the theory of many more due to his father and recent work at the hospital. The rest of his ninjutsu knowledge is limited to a small "make a breeze" D-level fuuton. This is all in addition to only the basic ones taught in the academy. None of his ninjutsu are used with startling proficiency.


Just after starting the academy at age 6 (as typical) His father had a leg blown off in battle by a Suna nin when an op went to shit. It was an accident, but it had several affects. The family was in need of income for a while, until his father got back up to certain proficiency with med jutsu to help out a lot at the hospital. Kazuki believes planning and foresight would have prevented this, and harbors a grudge against Suna, even though he knows it is irrational. He has picked up quite a bit of general med jutsu knowledge from his father, as well as his first bit of seal knowledge. However, he has not actually learned all of the med jutsu, even if he has sucked his father dry on seals. He is close to both his parents and his mom worries quite a bit about his lack of friends.

He knows he could have graduated a year earlier from the academy, but wanted to continue on the average path. He consistently hides things from his teammates (nothing major, just the contents of some of his storage scrolls or keeping secret a couple of kunai hidden). Additionally, he can be overcautious, and refused to participate in the Chuunin exams 8 months after making genin, holding his other teammates back. They understood, and one of them actually bonded slightly with him because of it. However his sensei disapproved of his decision and their relationship cooled.

Right before the next Exam they would be nominated for, a C-rank went wrong. Their instructor was severely injured, going to die. The opponent (village unknown) turned to the Genin. In desperation, Kazuki begins spamming explosive tags, and his scroll of shurikens, kunai, and giant shuriken. As he has his own personal storage scroll of this stuff, and make explosive tags when bored, (or wanting to add to his personal bank account) he had quite a bit of lethality to throw out. Eventually the opponent is injured enough for the soon to be dead sensei to grab him by surprise, and call to Kazuki to kill them so he can’t escape. Kazuki waits for his teammates to get clear before throwing a kunai with 10 blast notes attached.

They are not nominated for that Chunnin exam, and ANBU has taken occasional glimpses at Kazuki. He does keep secrets, and seems dissatisfied with life…All he does is study and train various ways. He doesn't deal well with people over an extended period of time, and desperately seeks to be in control as much as possible. Kazuki is frustrated; he desperately wants to become a Chunnin now that he is confident of his ability to do so. He has reached the limit of what he is allowed to see at Genin level in regards to Fuinjutsu and Juinjutsu, and his most recent sensei was not inclined to advance him there. Currently he works at improving his chakra capacity, med-jutsu repertoire and Genjutsu. He currently has a fuinjutsu idea originally based off of Tsunade’s secret genesis technique, and solider pills.

His team has just been disbanded on recommendation of the temporary fill in sensei, due to the slowly degenerating dynamics, and the possibility of better placement. Kazuki is quite happy about this, the substitute sensei and he did not mix (Kazuki considered him saccharine) nor did he and one of the teammates.


Only child, whose grandparents and only aunt have all died. His father had his leg blown off, but currently works at Konoha hospital, often in long term procedures in those "seal rooms." He had reached Chunnin. His mother is a civilian Kindergarten teacher, or equivalent.


Holds a grudge against Suna.

Any nin who he believes is not dedicated wholly to being a ninja. Due to his cold and solitary nature most of his classmates dislike him.


Hobbies: Spends a lot of free time in the library, and has extensive research on the Yondaime and Godaime. When having a bit of free time he sits down and makes explosive notes, occasionally throwing in a storage scroll for variety. He has read up to the limit allowed by his station on fuinjutsu and juinjutsu. He only decompresses fully around his mother, and in personal daydreams of his.
Favored Places: The library, and a quiet restaurant. His most recent haunt has closed down, so he is trying a few out of the way places to find another. Outside he prefers elevated positions where others won't bother him by talking to him.
Likes: Mint. He also enjoys relaxing after a workout. He takes a slight unholy pleasure in startling people into speechlessness.
Dislikes: Extraordinary loudness and orange. His words on describing the Rokudaime were “His personal strength and moral fiber are beyond reproach. His personal taste does not mesh well with my aesthetic sense.” He does not enjoy wasabi, and would rather have any moon but a quarter one.
Bingo Book Rating: None

  • No current genin team; Jounin-sensei had team disbanded.


None yet.

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