Kai Yukari
Name: Kai Yukari
Player: Vael
Personal Data
Codename: Cat
Rank: Chunin
Affiliation: Konoha
Current Job: ANBU Hunter Nin
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Affinity: Fuuton, Raiton
Clan: Yukari
Bloodline: Clan techniques
Specialization: Seals and Weaponry
Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu
Fuinjutsu Juinjutsu Sougujutsu
Flexibility Physical Power
8 6
Intelligence Stamina
8 6
Chakra Capacity Chakra Control
6 10


*coming soon*


Hair: Black, really short, spiky hair.
Eyes: Blue with a green ring around the iris, has a slight asian shape to them. (A family trait)
Face: Triangular, with a small nose, and small lips. Almost bishonen, but a little musculine.
Body Type: Lithe, well-built, has a small tattoo on his back, between his shoulder bones. It's a swirling mess that from a certain distance looks like a "Y" in a circle…the symbol of the Yukari Clan, and the Seal responsible for their enhanced chakra control.
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150lbs

ANBU Mask: Cat (flat mask with painted design)
ANBU Uniform: Formal Hunter Nin Uniform with a small backpack full of seal scrolls.
Chuunin Uniform: Military grade black cargo pants with various pockets for all kinds of kunai, shuriken, and scrolls. Sleeveless fishnet vest made of chainmail worn under his chuunin vest. His distinctive red, handguard-less katana is on his back, running diagonally from right to left, hilt down. He wears sneakers that actually have been reinforced to combat-boot hardness while keeping its flexibility and lightness. The hitai-ite is worn on his forehead, held by a black strap.
Off-duty: Casual black cargo pants, red sneakers, and white t-shirt with an ever present single-strap black bag. A Konoha Hitai-ite with a black strap is worn around his neck when at ease.



History here.


Itsuki Takuma
His brother married into the clan a year before Kai’s acceptance into ANBU, the two met briefly at the reception.

Kyoko and Kagami Ishikawa
They had a mission together involving rooting out a criminal organization in the Land of Rivers…they were successful, but Kai at the very least, ain’t talkin’ about what exactly happened. Though for a good week all three nin smelled of golden syrup to the very confused Inuzuka Clan.


Golden River Organization
A criminal organization that was damn-near wiped out by the enraged team of Kai and the Ishikawa twins, they have sworn vengeance on said nins, but developed a healthy fear of a certain word (Yuu-chan).


Hobbies: Flute Playing, Drawing, Playing with his chakra manipulations, Playing with little sister and her friends, Pranking, and Reading Manga (damn near addicted to them)
Favored Places: Moritake's, Academy, Hokage's Monument, Village wall view over the Crater Lake, Family Home (by the Lakeside)
Likes: Manga, Seals, Efficiency, and Apples
Dislikes: Sake, Ecchi Manga, and Icha Icha Series
Bingo Book Rating: B- due to high weapon and fighting skills, off-set by his relatively low skill in ninjutsu. (When one uses one of his nicknames, threat level is bumped up to A, said nicknames will not listed as he displays uncanny tracking abilities when these names are used…we really don't want to die.)
Equipment: As a nin, he likes being prepared for pretty much anything on or off duty, so this is the bare minimum of the equipment he always carries:

  • 1 medical supply storage scroll
  • 1 manga collection storage scroll
  • 1 'empty scrolls and writing tools' storage scroll
  • A few kunai hidden all over his person
  • A wakizashi strapped to his back, hilt down.

Nicknames: Has nicknames that ONLY specific people could use without some form of retribution, they are – Yuu-chan (Mother), Yukai (Older Sister), Nii-tan (Little Sister), Yukarin (Shiki, he pretty much gave up from the moment Shiki started)


“…now if I introduce the…however the clarifying agent would…since the element has been…” – whenever he works on a seal.

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