Kagami Ishikawa
Name: Kagami Ishikawa
Player: serbii
Personal Data
Codename: Rin
Rank: (elite) Jounin
Affiliation: Konoha
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Affinity: Water and lightning
Specialization: Taijutsu and ninjutsu, elemental manipulation,
dual fighting
Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu
Fuinjutsu Juinjutsu Sougujutsu
Flexibility Physical Power
9 7
Intelligence Stamina
7 9
Chakra Capacity Chakra Control
8 7


She's quite spectacularly shallow, has her priorities wrong and takes most things too lightly. However she's naturally very talented, it's really quite tragic this kind of girl got so much talent from genetics. She does work hard because being a ninja is cool, keeps you in shape and lets her travel, besides she genuinely enjoys it. She'll probably never have any real position of power because her priorities are in the wrong place and she was born outside of Konoha. Also she has a habit of ignoring politics and treaties.
She tends to judge people by their appearance, not so much "That guy looks week" as "That guy has an ugly hair cut, I don't want to work with him" or "Our outfits will clash". If it's really important she might put those things aside, meaning ironically she's better on higher ranked missions than lower ones.
Will go to incredible lengths for petty things, like running off to Iwa with her sister, breaking into the bingo book printers and changing their picture in the book.
Daddy's girl.
She has a big sense of spectacle, her attacks tend to lack finesse and are more on the HOLY CRAP! end of the scale than the what-just-killed-me? end. More suited towards the very public death/distruction missions than assassinations.

Has an identical twins sister, Kyoko. However they dress differently and wear their hair differently (bandanna for Kagami and pigtails for Kyoko) - though it's cut the same. However if they expect a hard fight they'll dress identical and wear their hair the same to screw with their opponent.

Father was a Iwa-nin and their mother is a Kumo-nin. They ended up in Konoha because their mother's pregnancy was an accident, and the father decided to take the child(ren) after she gave birth. They couldn't settle on a village for the child(ren) to be raised, because Kumo and Iwa kind of have negative stereo-types of each other, and neither parent really disproves them. (Their mother is really obnoxious and prone to brawling, and their father looks and acts like a chick most of the time).
They decided on Konoha because a) Both villages have positive relations with Konoha, and b) Mizu and Suna have very bad climates for healthy hair.

She and her sister were born in Kumo and look like their Kumo mother, they've been discriminated against because of this and now they have some power, tend to get their revenge by being obnoxious and difficult. They play up their quirks sometimes and make outrageous demands, making that team all dress up the same wasn't entirely because they would look cool, partially it was because it was revenge. They have a 'screw being above it all' attitude.
Hanabi however, has always been nothing but fair with them. They respect her hugely, without her they would have been forced into some dark corner of ANBU which they would have hated. They're happy just being loyal to her and her family, tools rather than generals.

Because she and her sister are so naturally talented they tend to be a bit flippant about what are life and death issues to other people, they didn't develop the serious attitude or obsession most jounin have, so they don't get along with a lot of them.


Temari-esque top, skirt over tights, boots. Dark skin, black hair with a bandanna (triangle). Outfit is blue and black with white highlights.


Combining her water element with her sister's wind allows them to utalise some Hyuton (ice) techniques. However it's not a true kekkai genkai.

Her favourite technique is a bastardised version of the Water Dragon Bullet Technique aka Water Dragon Jutsu. She creates a Suiton dragon, size depending on the water available.
If in combination with Kyoko the dragon gains ice scales, claws, fangs and generally becomes a lot more pointy and solid. Kagami manipluates the dragon while Kyoko attacks. Occasionally they will also discharge raiton chakra into the dragon (Hōryū Raika no Jutsu)

She and her sister both have a tonfa, which they use discharge raiton chakra through.


History here.


Mother, cousins and half-siblings in Kumo. Their relationship with their mother is awkward however.


Lots of people who would like to strangle her for being annoying.
Iwa bingo book publishing house.


Hobbies: SHOPPING! Telling people what's wrong with their outfits, traveling halfway across the continent to go shopping
Favored Places: Shops, beach resorts
Likes:Long baths, new things, cool things, their family, children, showing off, Ino Yamanaka - old but style goddess, peaches, iced teas
Dislikes:Arrogant people, being unclean, ugly things, bad pictures, humid days that makes their hair frizzy, people who take their job too seriously, several exboyfriends.
Bingo Book Rating: A to S except in Kumo, where they're D
Preferred teammates: Her sister Kyoko, Hyuuga and Uchia as they're notoriously attractive, people willing to carry their bags.

Other trivia

  • Kagami and Kyoko both use the kanji for Mirror.


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