Itsuki Takuma
Name: Itsuki Takuma
Player: Tempest Kitsune
Personal Data
Codename: Tempest
Rank: Special Jounin
Affiliation: Konoha
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Affinity: Doton, Katon
Specialization: Ninjutsu
Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu
Fuinjutsu Juinjutsu Sougujutsu
Flexibility Physical Power
5 7
Intelligence Stamina
5 7
Chakra Capacity Chakra Control
8 6


Itsuki is often described as "fiery", and has been known to be loud and obnoxious at times, seemingly in keeping with his elemental affinities. He's kind to civilians and especially children, but has no illusions about the overall capricious and fickle nature of humankind. Threatening the safety of those that he's close to, or betraying him in some way, are good ways to earn his ire, and land in the care of the medic-corp after a "friendly spar" if you're an ally. Enemies end up in the morgue more often than not.

While his nature at first seems perfectly aligned with his elements, stable like earth unless provoked, in which case a fire rushes forth to consume. But those that know him best say that it's when he becomes quiet and cold that he is his most dangerous. Because his rage isn't fire, but a blade-edged lens of ice that serves to heighten his focus and increase the effective use of his jutsu.


Brown hair in a short buzz; hazel eyes. Dark-skinned as his families roots lie in Kumo, but Konoha-born. Just shy of six feet tall, slim but muscled, has a "swimmer's build".

Wears forest camouflaged patterned pants and jacket, both of which have a reversible side with a beige/tan pattern for arid regions. Hitai-ai is attached to a strap that attaches to the jacket's collar on either side (can be flipped inside the jacket for stealth). Has a reversible bandanna with the same patterns that he wears as well. Wears steel toed boots with chakra activated spikes on the toes and cleats on the soles.

At first glance, some people unfamiliar with the clan may mistake him for an Aburame, though that mistake is rectified as soon as he opens his mouth


Kienzan - Based off the concepts involved in the Rasengan that forms a buzzsaw of energy capable of being thrown.
Ongakusai no jutsu - Used to masks a ninja's sounds in a crowded setting.
Ninpo: Ganshouryudan no Jutsu - a powerful combo elemental technique that utilizes a potent mix of Fire and Earth chakra (stabilized by an external source of Lightning chakra) to create a huge, Western-style, wingless magma dragon.
Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Summon technique using the Mongoose contract.

Numerous Area of Effect and Focused Target Ninjutsu.

Note: It has been commented on by Itsuki's grandfather that he seems to like creating techniques that pay homage to Uzumaki Naruto, such as his kienzan.


History here.


The first of a merchant family to enter the ninja trade, he has several contacts in various countries thanks to his family's far-flung trading network. He keeps in touch only sparingly with his family, as they don't quite understand his need to go out and kill things, though they try to be supportive.

External Contacts
Has done several diplomatic courier missions to Suna, and developed a rapport with several of the ninja there, including an on-again, off-again relationship with the granddaughter of the Godaime Kazekage.


Friendly Rivalry
Ayumu Sugiura has a friendly rivalry due to their highly effective, but widely differing, methods of engaging the enemy.

He is severely disliked by Kumo after the "Raikage Bathroom" incident.

Iwa despises him thanks to him foiling an attempt to gain the Sharingan (Hey, it nearly worked for Kumo, and we're smarter than those cloud-heads!).


Hobbies: Card tricks, reading fantasy novels, pranking the ANBU, listening to music, ending bar fights
Favored Places: The Ichiraku Restaurant, a small glade by the side of the river in Konoha that runs near the base of the rebuilt Hokage Monument.
Dislikes: People who are abusive to children and women, tomatoes, the Uchiha clan in general
Bingo Book Rating: A; Do not attempt to engage without superior firepower.


"Let's get ready to RUMBLE!"

(at the start of forming the Kienzan) "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil;"
(after completing the Kienzan) "Because I’m the meanest son of a bitch in the valley."

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