Ichigo Matsuda
Name: Ichigo Matsuda
Player: Flux_Blade
Personal Data
Rank: Genin
Affiliation: Konoha
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Affinity: Raiton, Doton
Specialization: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu
Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu
Fuinjutsu Juinjutsu Sougujutsu
Flexibility Physical Power
4 4
Intelligence Stamina
6 6
Chakra Capacity Chakra Control
6 5


Personality here.


Standing at a towering 5’3”, the fifteen year old boy is stocky built, filling out after finishing puberty. He has brown eyes, and brown hair that stops at the bottom of his ears in the back. Wears a forest green long sleeve shirt, with long black pants. Does have other clothes but rarely wears them. Wears the forehead protector on forehead, it’s protection, not a fashion statement.


Working on making the ration haretsu justu work properly, the justu creates a blast of lightning that explodes into smaller pieces that move away from the center, which he hopes to catch enemies not smart enough to kawarimi away but dodge away from where he aimed the attack.


History here.


External Contacts
Parents and older brother run clothing stores that have branches in Suna and Wave Country as well. Also brother seeing one of the Sarutobi, Ayane. This has lead to the families spending plenty of time hearing about how wonderful Konohamaru was. Which also leads to mentions of the Rokudaime.

Merchants, run clothing store, parents are both alive, mother, Chou, 35, father, Daichi, 34, older brother, Hayate, 17. Parents wished he chose a different profession, until he graduated. Dad is quite glad about his son protecting the village especially since he has handled himself well. Mother wants him to settle down and hints that she expects grandchildren soon. Ichigo prefers to respond that she already has a golden horse for that. Brother has a strained relationship due to both brothers liking the same girl three years ago. But neither caught the attention of the beautiful, Hyuuga Hoshi, older sister of Hotaru. Hayate blames his brother for the lost chance, Ichigo just leaves when it comes up. He likes Hayate’s girlfriend and really hopes they take care of his mother’s want of grandchildren. Grandparents died 16 years ago while taking supplies to Nami when ambushed by missing-nin. His aunt owns Suna branch, and his cousin, Hiruzen, sends quarterly letters which Ichigo looks forward to.

Current Genin Team
Ushio Kotone, Kenta Kurokawa, jounin-sensei currently unassigned.


Fugaku Uchiha and his other teammate, Neji Lee, it was friendly between the three until the other two were promoted to chunnin; Fugaku dislikes his teammate for failing and in turn making him look bad, Neji is ambivalent about his former teammate. Though both believe that if they had passed the written section the first time they took the exam, he would have made chunnin then as well.


Hobbies: Eating Pocky, playing shamisen (he’s decent, don’t listen to what he claims), teasing Aburame Shun about her crush on Neji Lee (since getting the Aburame to show visible emotions is always interesting, though teasing Neji about having a crush on her usually gets him into a taijustu match he doesn’t want to be in), occasionally watching bugs with friends (especially since Shun will smile without blushing like she does when Ichigo mentions Neji)
Favored Places: The top of the Hokage mountain, in the training fields since he can see the sky and not surrounded by buildings, and the Aburame compound, where he is always welcome.
Dislikes: Ramen (which after making a comment that he only comes to Ichiraku’s ramen because of the atmosphere and someone taking offense at his insult of the “godly” ramen got him a black mark on record and a two weeks verbal order not to show up there, much to his teammates horror), cats (why did his first, second, fifth, and eighth D-ranked missions had to be catching a cat for the daimyo’s daughter, did she let it go on purpose?), genjustu (he sucks at it, doesn’t have the imagination for it)
Bingo Book Rating: None


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