Higure Yuuhi
Name: Higure Yuuhi
Player: Phht
Personal Data
Codename: Chameleon
Rank: Special Jounin
Affiliation: Konoha
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Affinity: None
Clan: Yuuhi
Bloodline: Shinku Shoku no Sakkaku
Specialization: Genjutsu, Demolitions
Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu
C- S C+
Fuinjutsu Juinjutsu Sougujutsu
Flexibility Physical Power
3 4
Intelligence Stamina
7 6
Chakra Capacity Chakra Control
6 8


Personality here. Haven't fully figured that part out yet.


Black hair, typically somewhere between just below the ear down to shoulder length depending on when he last cut it, and has the usual eyes of a Yuuhi clan member. Standard issue shinobi pants with patterned bandages wrapped from shinobi sandals to mid-shin, a kunai pouch on his right leg, and a first aid kit in a fanny pack. Long-sleeved mesh undershirt with green short-sleeved jazzeraint-type shirt on top covered by a flak jacket. He wears fingerless gloves with a metal plate sewn on the back, and patterned bandages wrap his forearms. Height is just over six feet. Hiai-ate is on the forehead, with the metal worn down to reduce reflection.


Shinku Shoku no Sakkaku (Crimson Illusion) - genjutsu enhancement is 'ease of use'
Kankaku no Hakudatsu (Deprivation of Senses) Genjutsu family
Kyuushi no Jutsu (Sudden Death Technique)
Certified Field Medic.


Higure was born almost exactly thirty years after Pein's invasion of Konoha. After six years of training in the Academy, Higure attempted to graduate in Oct 125 AF but his team failed their test. He attempted again in May the following year, and his new team failed their test. On his final try in Oct of that year, his team successfully passed the test. He achieved Chunin 2.5 years later. Shortly after becoming Chunin, he was nearly sacrificed by Jashin cultists while on a mission with his team.

Days before his first birthday following making Chunin, one of his former teammates was killed on an ANBU mission and he took teh death hard. Given that his teammate was the only fatality on the mission, Higure blamed ANBU for the death. His former jounin-sensei and remaining teammate helped him come to terms with it, though the relationship was strained between him and his jounin-sensei for part of the time, but he seemed to have lost his drive to improve and progress. The loss also largely removed his wish to eventually join ANBU. It took many months to get him to train and push himself again, and in 131 AF, he successfully tested for Special Jounin with specialization in the field of Genjutsu. After making the rank, he let himself coast once more after that, continuing his specialization training in Demolitions, but recent missions in 133 AF have pushed him to begin correcting his glaring weakness in Ninjutsu.


His home village and the village he's serving as a ninja.

Former Genin Team
Team Abunai: Abunai Hitokasegi (jounin-sensei; currently ANBU), Daiki Nakamura (ANBU, deceased), Shihobu Ishii (Jounin)


Jashin Cult
He has no middle ground with Jashin cultists. He either avoids them like the plague, or kills them with fire. Lots and lots of fiery death via tags.

Used genjutsu to cause embarrassing "incidents" for several high level ninja and may or may not have been involved in the "Raikage Bathroom" incident (no one's saying either way).

Made their genin drunk off water before allowing them into a chunin exam three consecutive times - he took time off so he could go to the second and third exams just to repeat the trick while disguised.

River Country Mob
Accidentally tricked the mob boss's mistress into a acid pool swim rather than the mob boss.


Hobbies: Demolitions, placing genjutsu on others for his own amusement, genjutsu design, bar fights, slipping "your mom" jokes into other countries' bingo books
Favoured Places: Moritake's, quiet streams and lakes
Dislikes: humorless people, survival training, the Power of Youth
Bingo Book Rating: A-, due to his Genjutsu skills.


  • "If I told myself something I'm not cleared to know, what kind of shinobi would I be?" (frequently used to dodge questions regarding activities he gets in trouble over)

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