Fukakouryoku Nishiyori
Name: Fukakouryoku Nishiyori
Player: spudman
Personal Data
Codename: Otter
Rank: Jounin, ANBU Captain
Affiliation: Konoha
Current Job: Jounin-sensei, ANBU Intel
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Affinity: Suiton, Fuuton
Specialization: Spycraft, Taijutsu, Bukijutsu
Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu
Fuinjutsu Juinjutsu Sougujutsu
Flexibility Physical Power
10 9
Intelligence Stamina
10 9
Chakra Capacity Chakra Control
8 8


A consummate professional as a spy, he maintains a cool head and enjoys a sense of fulfillment from his work. He often adopts other personas and behaviors as part of a cover identity. When addressing comrades or superiors he is straightforward, at least on what needs to be known. Nishiyori's sense of humor usually ranges from deadpan to sardonic. He is very protective of anyone he respects and/or considers "his people" and has a tendency of being unable to ignore people in trouble. Though he can act friendly and mean it, he would only trust a precious few people with just about anything.


ANBU Mask: Otter (molded mask)

6’1’’. Closely cropped black hair and blue eyes. Facial features could be described as a little angular; good-looking, but some edge that indicates a rough lifestyle. A sharp dresser when not in ANBU uniform (on or off-duty) and frequently seen wearing shades. Hair, eye color (lenses), dress, etc. will vary depending on his cover. A change of shirt and a good accent is more likely to work than any henge or genjutsu.


Nishiyori’s often makes use of the “life *$#%” no jutsu. Not an actual jutsu it’s more about being a magnificent *#$tard, and manipulating and outmaneuvering your targets so that they end up dead, in prison, etc., often by their own actions. He will also make use of homemade explosives, poisoning his enemies in some way, etc. Variety is the spice of life, including when killing people. So if it comes to a direct application of violence Nishiyori has more than one method he might use depending on the opponent and situation.

When it comes to hitting he’ll use various taijutsu styles to render people unconscious or dead. The same goes for blades and other weapons. If it's normally considered a weapon he probably has a rating for it, and if it isn't he can find a way to use it and/or hurt someone with it anyway. Whatever’s convenient and gets the job done is his policy. Nishiyori is considered especially deadly in taijutsu and weapons because he is a master of multiple forms and likes to switch things up, disabling or killing his opponent in a manner that is brutally efficient even for ANBU.

Nishiyori is familiar with key points in the chakra circulatory system and will sometimes add bursts of chakra to his strikes. He became adept in this during his teaching of Namikaze Tsukiko. Of course without the refined training of jyuken or the byakugan Nishiyori’s application of chakra this way is severely limited. Besides, he’s of the mind if you can get that close to someone there are plenty of simpler ways to end them than an exact strike with exact chakra. But it does give him an extra edge against opponents, especially those wearing armor. Haha, silly samurai.

Senri doku tama (long distance, poison, shot/bullet/shell) - Encasing a poison inside a globule of chakra-made water (that will not be stopped by ordinary rain, etc.) and launching it with a burst of wind chakra from a far distance to the target. Upon skin contact the poison will seep into the pores and…death. The drawback is the precision takes a good deal of concentration. This technique is very useful for long range stealth kills.

Seirei Senpuku (spirit concealment) - Sensor-type ninja are a pain in the arse when trying to pretend you're a civilian. Lucky for Nishiyori he has developed the talent to shift the chakra presence that most shinobi (including sensor types) can sense. He can make his signature like a samurai's, civilians, or even an animal's.

Sticky Clone-a variation of the water clone. Often used to restrain a target. It will attack and upon contact return to liquid form as it douses the target and traps them as it quickly hardens.

Summons - Rats


Nishiyori did not have a fun time growing up. His parents were alcoholics and his father beat him. His little brother, Hiraku, was more fortunate and was not mistreated. When Fukakouryoku became a ninja he moved out of his parents' house and took his brother with him just to be sure nothing would happen to him. Nishiyori was twelve and his brother was two at the time. Things weren’t easy but they managed.

Hiraku ultimately followed his brother into the ninja program, but died on a mission months after becoming a genin. Nishiyori's screwy leader Namikaze-sama and mentor Morino Ibiki saw the emotional wreck their newest ANBU captain was in and helped pull him out of it. The scars of not protecting his brother are still there, though.

He's told few people this, but his brother’s dream was to explore the world and learn everything about it. The youth loved new experiences yes, but he also said it was once you understand the world, you can solve its problems. This is the main inspiration for Nishiyori's preference as a traveling spymaster (that and the methods do work for him) and documenting things in his journal. Nishiyori isn't sure whether this will help solve the world’s problems in and of itself, but he is "solving problems" his own way while he's at it.

At one point the Rokudaime apparently thought Nishiyori was long overdue for a “break” from ANBU and that it was a good idea to let him shape young ninja of the future. Nishiyori thought that was a bad idea on both counts but he followed orders. So from 56 AK until 58 AK he worked those three unfortunate children to the ground. They’ve all become fine ninja though, and who can argue with results? His cute little genin respected him while he was their teacher and they still do. But for Namikaze Tsukiko, Uzumaki Naruto's second youngest child, it went from respect to a crush even back then and over time developed to deeper feelings.

Recently, Tsukiko confessed her feelings to her former sensei. For Nishiyori, Tsukiko had become his most trusted comrade and closest friend. He decided to take a chance, accepting her feelings and beginning a relationship with her.


Former team
Team 9: Nishiyori (sensei), Tsukiko Namikaze, Kashou Morino, Ayumu Sugiura


Nishiyori considers rivalry to be stupid and pointless. He despises people or groups that hurt kids. He took particular pleasure in dealing with a group of child slavers. If not for his cover identities the list of people after his head would be rather long, though.


Hobbies: exercise, tinkering, trying and learning new things, writing in his journal.
Favored Places: depends on the situation. Off duty spends time in his loft working on hobbies, at a cafe, or places with lots of people such as markets or parks.
Likes: Namikaze Tsukiko, a job well done, American parfait (because you knew yogurt was going to be involved somewhere with this character), coffee.
Dislikes: working with idiots, kids being neglected or hurt.
Bingo Book Rating: S

  • Preferred teammates: When the opportunity arises it’s nice to work with his former students. Jyuryo Omoi.
  • Family:
    • Parents: does not maintain contact
    • Little Brother: Hiraku (born: 37 AK , deceased: 50 AK)


“Don't call me taichou.”
“Why are you still here? Shoo.”
"I understand that you have a problem?"

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