Aoshi Namida
Name: Aoshi Namida
Player: Wittgen
Personal Data
Codename: Toolbox
Rank: Special Jounin
Affiliation: Konoha
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Affinity: Doton, Suiton
Specialization: Sougujutsu, Water combat, Tojutsu
Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu
B- C+ A
Fuinjutsu Juinjutsu Sougujutsu
B C- S
Flexibility Physical Power
7 6
Intelligence Stamina
7 (10) ?
Chakra Capacity Chakra Control
5 8 (10)


Personality here.


Close cut brown but slightly sun bleached hair, blue eyes, and tan. Swimmer’s frame and build. Trained mostly in the water, his clothes are absolutely the opposite of baggy. (I’d say sleek, but that has too many positive connotations. I’d say tight, but that conjures bad images.) He favors blues and grays. In many ways a ninja tool specialist, his backpack, belt, and 3 separate holsters are all very important. It should be noted that he has designed and built all of his clothes and packs himself. (He could technically build all his own tools, but he doesn’t have the resources to forge all of his weapons, and making exploding tags would be way too dangerous, time consuming, and exhausting for him.) He wears his headband at a slightly cocked angle, though he will insist this is to give him an advantage when making clockwise underwater screw turns, and not to look cool. His sword, Sangoshi II hangs at his left hip.


Ninjutsu is mainly Doton and Suiton jutsu.
Water Flicker - Special item enabled technique that lets him swap with a water clone at Hiraishin speed. Use is limited to one specially created clone at a time.
Summons - Dolphins.

Chakra-enhanced swimming through water or earth.

If one is talking about figuring out how to create or design something, Aoshi displays higher intelligence (10 rather than 7). In the same manner, when creating items due to the time intensive nature and the focusing tools he has available, he has higher chakra control (10 instead of 8).


Aoshi was orphaned at a young age and survived off of the sea for about a year. When former swordsman of the mist Irukaro Kajiya ran across him and his salvaged ship and hand made fishing implements, the swordsman was impressed. (Irukaro was least as much an engineer/item-creator as he was a swordsman.) One thing led to another and Kajiya ended up taking in Aoshi and fostering his apparent knack for creating useful things.

At 12, Irukaro decided that Aoshi should start learning elemental manipulation, he received the unpleasant surprise of Aoshi being primarily an earth type. Since Irukaro couldn’t really teach that type, and he didn’t want to deal with teenage bullshit either, he sent Aoshi to be an Iwa-nin for a while. The atmosphere didn’t really suit Aoshi at all, but he learned a lot about elemental manipulation and even figured out how to apply Irukaro’s chakra enhanced swimming technique to solid earth.

Aoshi resigned from service to Iwa by faking his death. It was pretty nifty.

A few years later, Irukaro died, which was a bit of a blow to Aoshi. Then money dried up and he couldn’t continue independent research and development, so he decided to join a village and actually have human contact. Dolphins are fun to talk to, but it’s just not the same, you know?

Aoshi has hit a wall in his research and just can’t seem to get his sword to the level his master’s was at. He has become convinced that this is because Irukaro had experience, albeit failed experience, with senjutsu. Thinking that the awareness and tranquil state of mind of using natural chakra could be essential to push his designs to the next level, Aoshi is training his chakra capacity to the level where sage training isn’t suicidal.


External Contacts
Has some creator colleagues that he keeps in academic correspondence with.

Tenten Hyuuga
In the village, he likes talking with old lady Tenten. Her insights into how the optimal storage seal changes depending on what you are storing helped tremendously in the development of his quick release seals.


Raised with a hatred of Kisame. Iwa would probably not be happy if they found out he was still alive.


Hobbies: Tinkering, Fishing, Sailing.
Favored Places: The ocean.
Dislikes: Hot weather, Sharks
Bingo Book Rating: B


  • “That was supposed to work.”
  • “Wait, that worked?”

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