Abunai Hitokasegi
Name: Abunai Hitokasegi
Personal Data
Codename: Spider
Rank: Jounin, ANBU Captain
Affiliation: Konoha
Current Job: ANBU Intel Division Captain
Gender: Female
Age: 46
Affinity: Doton
Specialization: T&I, Tracking
Ninjutsu Genjutsu Taijutsu
A- B+ A
Fuinjutsu Juinjutsu Sougujutsu
A+ A A-
Flexibility Physical Power
10 7
Intelligence Stamina
8 7
Chakra Capacity Chakra Control
8 9


Personality here.


ANBU Mask: Spider (molded mask)
ANBU uniform: Armor is colored a dark red with black clothes, with a pair of black slashes on each side of the vest.

The years of service as a ninja has taken a toll on her hair, adding a grayish-silver sheen to her dark red hair. She keeps it styled in the same manner that her jounin-sensei Anko Mitarashi did. She has few wrinkles, all of which she attributes to the genin team she lead for several years. She doesn't tower over many people at 158cm (5'2"), but much of her 50kg (110lbs) is well-maintained muscle. As a career member of ANBU's T&I unit, she's perfected being able to deliver a piercing hard gaze with her green eyes.

When off duty, she tends to wear cargo shorts and a sleeveless shirt under a mesh t-shirt. She wears her jounin vest, topped off with a tan or black trench coat depending on her mood. While on duty, she prefers the ANBU battalion uniform, given how it tends to unsettle most ninja that recognize the design.


Abunai knows a variety of Genjutsu, being the one that taught Higure Yuuhi the lower levels of the Kankaku no Hakudatsu (Deprivation of Senses) Genjutsu family and encouraged him to creatively explore the capabilities of the Art.

She's also well versed in a large variety of Ninjutsu, primarily non-elemental and Doton techniques, though she knows at least a handful of lower level jutsu in the other elements.

Her real strength lies in her Fuinjutsu and Juinjutsu skill. Over the decades, she has taken to tweaking the T&I seals to improve their effects and efficiency but is smart enough not to mess with placed seals without getting the tweaks approved. It's expected that her work in that area will grant her Mistress status in sealing within the next year. It should be noted that she's not above using relatively harmless seals on those that annoy her, a trait that many say rubbed off on her student Higure Yuuhi.


Graduating in 98 AF from the Academy, Abunai ended up as part of Jounin Anko Mitarashi's first and only genin team. She looked on Anko as a mentor and role model, learning everything she could from the jounin-sensei. Team Anko participated in only one Chunin Exam, managing the rare feat of an entire team being promoted in the same Exam.

Abunai promptly joined ANBU T&I with Anko's recommendation shortly before the jounin-sensei retired. She visited her mentor to pick up more tips and tricks after that, and served in ANBU for nearly three decades. During that time, she made the rank of Jounin and years after that became ANBU Captain. In 126 AF, she took a leave of absence from T&I to take on a genin team of her own. She led the cell for three years until the last member made the rank of Chunin. Following that, the team took one last mission together that nearly went to pieces due to the unexpected appearance of a Jashin cult and their decision to use a team member for a sacrifice.

Abunai returned to T&I. One of her students, Daiki Nakamura, went into the ANBU division. Another, Shihobu Ishii, took the next Jounin Exam and passed. The last student, Higure Yuuhi, decided to get field experience as a Chunin before committing to a decision regarding ANBU service. Just less than a year later, Daiki was killed on an ANBU mission; he was the only casualty on the team. The subsequent months strained her relationship with Higure, as he blamed ANBU for his former teammate's death. Shihobu helped mend fences between the two and the trio worked through their loss together after that. Abunai and Shihobu then had to help Higure leave the funk that Daiki's death had placed him in, culminating in his successful testing for Special Jounin in 131 AF.

That same year, the Intel division captain promoted her to become the head of T&I to replace the captain retiring. She gained over the next two years a scary reputation nearly on par with a previous T&I head, Ibiki Morino, and displayed pride in managing that without needing a scalp full of scars.


A career Intel ANBU, Abunai has numerous friends and colleagues throughout the division and a few in the rest of the Corps.

Former Genin Team
Team Anko: Anko Mitarashi (retired, deceased), ???, ???
Team Abunai: Higure Yuuhi (Special Jounin), Shihobu Ishii (Jounin), Daiki Nakamura (ANBU, deceased)


Jashin Cult
She has a bit of a grudge with the group after a sect of it tried sacrificing one of her students.


Hobbies: Chunin Exam proctor, basket weaving, bar fights, tweaking T&I seals to improve them
Favored Places: Mitarashi Dango, quiet streams and lakes
Likes: Coffee, dango
Dislikes: Incompetency, surprises
Bingo Book Rating: A+


"No such policy exists? How can we not have a policy for dealing with and holding Augmented people! Go, find out who will become a permanent guest here for this incompetence."

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