Ten No Sesshoku
Ten no Sesshoku
Touch of Heaven
Origin: Whirlpool Country
Clan: Unknown
Affiliation: Unknown
Type: Internal

Though people that claim to have magic hands when it comes to massage? Not all of them are lying, due to this bloodline. The Ten no Sesshoku provides instinctive knowledge on massage and pressure point skills, enabling the user to be a natural at performing such techniques. Thought lost in the wake of Kiri's invasion of Whirlpool Country, rumors of wielders of this bloodline continue to propagate and no definite knowledge of its current status is known.


This bloodline allows someone to instinctively know exactly what to do while rubbing/massaging a person to get a desired effect - think of it almost as weaving a genjutsu on someone only through the use of that person's body. Inexperienced users would likely only be able to change emotions and state of mind, but through practice and training a skilled user could cause someone to fall over dead 91 hours later or kill the person they're guarding while shouting support for a different group, all without leaving a trace behind. Rumors stated that master users of the bloodline could alter emotions and engender trust in people with a touch or handshake, and some stories speak of not even needing that much. Members of this bloodline are extremely sought after by hidden villages and daimyos that can make sure they don't have to worry about the possible security hole.

The instinctive knowledge includes how best to massage an area, pressure points, and how to use chakra to aid in the task. Training in how to consciously do what they know instinctively usually allows additional instinctive knowledge to become available, thus opening up more of the bloodline for use. Often, the user puts the target into a pliable state of mind before delivering instructions to the target, given the nigh impossibility of inserting some instructions via chakra and massage.

Due to the delicate nature and light touch of the bloodline's use, most awakened users are unable to use much ninjutsu - capping at E-rank or D-rank ninjutsu - and all (awakened or dormant) carriers' bodies are not built for most taijutsu styles. Despite the general lack of ability with ninjutsu, 90% of awakened bloodline users do get an affinity - elemental or medical - that is a boon to their bloodline use. They, surprisingly, do not have a natural talent for genjutsu due to the means by which they carry out their job, but many ninja of this bloodline tend to become genjutsu specialists. Others end up on Seduction/Infilitration missions or using their skills on enemies as part of T&I.


When a carrier of this bloodline first "unlocks" their chakra (like one would assume would be done early in the Academy before jutsu training began), the carrier has a 73% chance of activating the bloodline. Typically, they would be tested for bloodline activation within a day or two of the possible activation. Should they not activate it then, there is a small (3-5%) chance of it activating later during a moment of chakra stress (like using chakra until chakra exhaustion occurs or a similar massive drop in one's reserves). It's harder for "late bloomers" to be spotted, and bloodline activation is checked via blood test by "clan" members during the required medical check-up after the chakra stress incident.


The bloodline was only known to be based out of Whirlpool Country. The clan it was connected to is unknown, as the only family name similarities between various known users is between immediate family. This was likely a way to make it harder to target the whole clan. Unfortunately, a "clan" meeting had been called for the bloodline shortly before the country was invaded and the fate of the bloodline is unknown in the aftermath.

Distinguishing Features

Red and shades of red have frequently been recorded as being the hair color of users with this bloodline, while any other color is in the minority.

Related Jutsu

The results of this bloodline are often grouped into two "jutsu" depending on the emotions used:

  • Ten no Sesshoku (Touch of Heaven) - As the name implies, this refers to the emotion being "inserted" as lighter ones, generally as if the person received a taste of heaven. Muscles generally relax under this. The bloodline came to be referred by this grouping of effects.
  • Jigoku no Sesshoku (Touch of Hell) - The opposite of the Heaven's Touch grouping, the emotions used are darker ones such as pain or terror. Muscles generally tense or cramp with this.

Typical User Statistics

These are typical statistics of non-carrier members of the bloodline.

Statistic Lower Rank Cap Upper Rank Cap Additional Information
Ninjutsu E D Rare members some time manage a few B/A jutsu.
Genjutsu None C
Taijutsu E C Users that learn a style that matches them can get up to B-rank.
Fuinjutsu None C
Juinjutsu None D
Sougujutsu E C
Flexibility 4 10
Physical Power 1 3 Users tend for finesse over power.
Stamina 2 5 Highly experienced users may have 6 to 9.
Intelligence 1 10
Chakra Capacity 2 7 Experienced users could have up to 9.
Chakra Control 2 10
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