Bloodlines, also known as Kekkei Genkai (translated "Bloodline Limit"), are special abilities provided to a person. Most of the time clans form due to kekkei genkai, eventually resulting in a clan that is the exclusive user/propagator of a specific bloodline. This can result in a kekkei genkai going extinct because the entire clan was wiped out.

Types of Bloodlines

Kekkei genkai are genetic, and so can be passed to offspring normally. These bloodlines are physical modifications that enable various things - the effects are quite varied depending on bloodline.


Doujutsu (translated "Eye Jutsu"), are kekkei genkai that center around the use of a person's eyes. As a result, they are largely easily apparent from seeing one's eyes. There are only three major doujutsu in the world, the Rinnegan, the Sharingan, and the Byakugan. Of these three, the Rinnegan is considered extinct after the death of the last known user during the Fourth Great Shinobi War.


Physical kekkei genkai are ones that provide physical alterations or abilities beyond the normal capabilities of a person. A well known though probably extreme example of this type of bloodline is the extinct Shikotsu Myaku, where the user could grow bones rapidly and used their bones as weapons, even to the point of being able to rip out their own spine to create a whip.


Jutsu kekkei genkai are ones that affect the jutsu a person uses in various ways. One subset, known as elemental combination, provides multiple affinities to a person and allows two of the affinities to combine to form a new "element." There are ten possible combinations of elements and thus ten possible bloodlines.

Another type of jutsu bloodline affects the jutsu using abilities of a user rather than providing additional elemental affinities. This can come as making certain types of jutsu easier, to enhancing jutsu beyond their normal limits. One example of this subset is the Shinku Shoku no Sakkaku that affects the person's Genjutsu abilities.

Clan Jutsu

Not actually classified as kekkei genkai, clan jutsu are various ninjutsu known by and restricted to a specific clan. Some have argued that they should be considered bloodlines after a certain number of generations, but the lack of quantifiable genetic markers indicating it can be passed on to offspring and not just taught prevent any from being shifted over.

Known Bloodlines

Name Alt Name Type Clan Status
Byakugan White Eye Doujutsu Hyuuga Active
Elemental Combination Jutsu Various Varies
Rinnegan Samsara Eye Doujutsu Unknown Dead
Sharingan Copy Wheel Eye Doujutsu Uchiha Active
Shikotsu Myaku Corpse Bone Pathways Physical Kaguya Dead
Shikotsu Myaku Corpse Bone Pathways Physical Shimizu Active
Shinku Shoku no Sakkaku Crimson Illusion Jutsu Yuuhi Active
Ten no Sesshoku Touch of Heaven Jutsu Unknown Unknown

Known Clan Jutsu

Clan Type Status
Aburame Kikai bugs Active
Akimichi Body Modification Active
Inuzuka Dog Companions Active
Nara Shadow Jutsu Active
Yamanaka Mind Jutsu Active
Yukari Taijutsu Active
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