Shinku Shoku No Sakkaku
Shinku Shoku no Sakkaku
Crimson Illusion
Origin: River Country
Clan: Yuuhi
Affiliation: Konoha
Type: Internal

Shinku Shoku no Sakkaku boosts the user's Genjutsu skills and abilities, though it badly dampens their abilities to use anything but non-elemental Ninjutsu. It migrated from River Country with the Yuuhi Clan to Konoha, where it has settled.


The art of genjutsu is this bloodline's playground. Active carriers of it can learn genjutsu very quickly and have some sort of enhancement to genjutsu they use. Enhancements seem primarily to be able to get more out of their genjutsu with less chakra than non-bloodline users, but the clan member considered the best with the bloodline in their history could weave genjutsu with such ease that it like he was directing music. This skill with genjutsu comes at the cost of having a harder time using elemental ninjutsu due to never having an elemental affinity, pretty much in reverse of their enhanced genjutsu. Members of this bloodline also are known for their creativity and detail, making their genjutsu all the more dangerous.


This bloodline typically becomes active prior to birth, and is easily noticeable since the active bloodline results in the trademark eye coloration. Those that are dormant carriers of the bloodline have normal looking eyes. In extremely rare conditions the bloodline has activated some point after birth if the person is a dormant carrier of the bloodline. No one is sure of what conditions would cause a post-birth activation due to the rarity of the occurrence.


The Yuuhi clan was one of many ninja clans that called River Country home. They took numerous casualties during the First Great Shinobi War, but handled themselves well. When the Second Great Shinobi War occurred, Suna and Ame ninja caused severe casualties to the various clans. The resulting loss of entire clans or majorities of clans caused many to move to countries outside of the direct battle zone. The Yuuhi clan ended up settling in Fire Country, and shortly before the war ended they became part of Konoha.

Distinguishing Features

Carriers of this bloodline are born with a pale red outer iris band and a dark red inner iris that actually encircles the pupil. Hair color tends towards darker shades.

Related Jutsu


Typical User Statistics

These are typical statistics of non-carrier members of the bloodline.

Statistic Bottom Rank Cap Upper Rank Cap Additional Information
Ninjutsu E C No elemental jutsu requiring affinity or higher than B-rank. Up to A-rank on non-elemental jutsu.
Genjutsu B S
Taijutsu C B
Fuinjutsu Unknown Unknown
Juinjutsu Unknown Unknown
Sougujutsu Unknown Unknown
Flexibility Unknown Unknown
Physical Power Unknown Unknown
Stamina Unknown Unknown
Intelligence 5 10
Chakra Capacity 4 10
Chakra Control 6 10
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