Elemental Combination
Elemental Combination
Elemental Combination
Origin: Varies
Clan: Varies
Affiliation: Varies
Type: Internal

Elemental Combinations result from a person having two different affinities. Not all people with multiple affinities have an elemental combination though. Those that do get access to a new "element" that is a combination of the two affinities, hence its name.


Elemental Combinations are unique melding of two affinities that allow an user to use unique "elemental" ninjutsu. The exact cause of this is still unknown. There do seem to be some limits. For one, combining three or more elements to form a single "new element" is apparently impossible.

There may also be a cap on the possible combinations a person can have or some other influence, based on the fact that the Yondaime Mizukage Mei Terumi had three elemental affinities but only two combinations that happened to share the Katon element. This could indicate that her affinity was Katon, thus restricting her from using Mokuton, or possibly merely that she never trained or developed her Mokuton capability.

Known Combinations

Name English Name First Element Second Element
Bakuton Blast Release Unknown Unknown
Futton Boil Release Katon Suiton
Hyouton Ice Release Fuuton Suiton
Jinton Dust Release Doton Fuuton
Mokuton Wood Release Doton Suiton
Ranton Storm Release Raiton Suiton
Shakuton Scorch Release Unknown Unknown
Youton Lava Release Doton Katon
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
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