Old News

Update news from the front page is moved here when it is moved off there, so if it's still on the front page, it's not here yet.


08 Oct 2009 - Wiki started.
08-19 Oct 2009 - Added templates, categories, and worked on example pages for each category.
19 Oct 2009 - Started working with tabs, and Elemental Jutsu is a use.
22 Oct 2009 - Added Ninjutsu page, and revised the Genjutsu page to fit the same general format.
23 Oct 2009 - Added page layouts for the rest of the *jutsu pages under Basics.
24 Oct 2009 - Added Genjutsu jutsu list page, and a page for Humans. Clans and Characters are listed on that page.


03 Jan 2010 - Sougujutsu and Sougujutsu (jutsu) entries were added. Two mission entries updated. Recent news from December shifted into old news.
05 Jan 2010 - Added Jyuken entry and five special moves for the style. Two new characters added. First Great Shinobi War added.
08 Jan 2010 - Ranks and Weapons entries added. Latter entry is a bit threadbare at the moment though.
26 Jan 2010 - Two characters added. Template Index added.


23 Jan 2011 - Added Ten no Sesshoku bloodline.

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