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30 Sep 2011 - Added Equipment nav page and finally added Ranged, Tools, Gear.
29 Sep 2011 - Added four characters, a couple other entries that clean up breadcrumb/parent-child lists.
25 Apr 2011 - Added four Ninjutsu entries.
13 Mar 2011 - Added Academy entry.

Old News
Wiki Entry Populating Progress

On the forums of fanfic author Viridian (S'TarKan on a few months back, a group of forum-goers let an idea run away with us and we ended up creating a Naruto RP. The wiki was created months later. It serves as a knowledge source for the RPers so everyone's on the same page and also acts as a way to expand the Naruto world that could be put to use elsewhere.

It's primarily a casual free-style RP, though the person running a particular thread might add some dice elements (which is (mostly) invisible to the others anyhow).

Table of Contents Getting Started
  1. Basics
  2. Timeline
  3. Equipment
  4. Country
  5. Hidden Village
  6. Characters
  • Join the forum (Naruto RP sub-forum)
  • Read through the Basics to get an idea what each part covers.
  • Create a character and post it to the appropriate thread.
  • Get feedback and make any necessary changes.
  • Getting playing!

More in depth version here

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